I take students age five years and up. Every student is different, so readiness for starting lessons is also dependent on the child’s temperament.

1) Lessons are once a week for thirty minutes. I charge $15.00 per lesson. You may pay for the lessons in a way that is easiest for you (week-by-week, paying ahead for the month, etc.), but I do require that by the end of each month, your account is paid in full. I will give you a receipt for any money that is given to me.

2) I understand that emergencies arise and illnesses occur, requiring you to miss a lesson. If I know that you are going to miss your lesson before your scheduled lesson time (and it can be as close as 30 minutes before), I will not charge for the lesson. If you miss a lesson without letting me know ahead of time, you will be charged for the lesson. If you have already paid for a lesson that is cancelled, I will apply that money to a future lesson.

3) There may be occasions that I need to cancel lessons. I will strive to notify you as far in advance as possible. As I mentioned in the previous point, if you have already paid for the lesson that is cancelled, I will apply that money to a future lesson.

4) If you already have books that were used from a previous teacher, I can usually work with those books. If you don’t have books, needs supplemental materials/music, or advance in level past any books that you already have, I will purchase music/books and have you reimburse me.

5) I assign music theory work to be done on a weekly basis (usually 1-2 pages). I expect that work to be completed before the assigned lesson time so that you may progress as a student and so that we are not spending valuable lesson time doing work that was assigned to be done beforehand.

6) I expect you to practice all of the music assigned (including scales) five times every day. With music out of books, that usually means each piece gets practiced three times while counting and two times saying the letter names. Whether or not you practice on weekends is up to your parents. 🙂

7) You are given a spiral notebook at your first lesson. It is important to bring that notebook every week because I use it to record all that we do each lesson. This way, you (and your parents) are able to refer to it during the week.

*If you have any questions, feel free to call me at (951) 823-4337, or you may also email me at sarahdarr@gmail.com.

Sarah Darr


Piano Lessons and Music Theory